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At Mercado Azteca...

Mercado firmly believes that in order to maintain high quality you have to have high standards, and ours are the highest in the industry. We evaluate quality in terms of nutrition, freshness, appearance, and taste. Our search for quality is a never-ending process involving the careful judgment and selection of imported goods throughout the company.

Here's how we do it:

  • We carefully evaluate each and every product we sell.
  • We feature foods that are fresh, nutritious with cultural authenticity.
  • We are passionate about great tasting food and extremely careful with the handling and cutting of all our products.
  • We are committed to foods that are fresh, wholesome and spiced with style.
  • We seek out and promote a variety of cultural foods and supplies.
  • We provide options of food and nutritional products that support health and well-being

Meat Market Quality

You can count on Mercado Azteca for the finest meats, tender and full of rich, family-pleasing flavor. In addition to our signature brands, Remember, We at Mercado Azteca are proud to provide fresh, top grade meats, poultry and seafood throughout our meat department. Due to our high standards, we offer only the freshest and highest quality products available along with outstanding customer service. Our well trained meat cutters will not only greet you with a friendly smile, but will provide you with the perfect cuts of meat for any occasion. "Corte al gusto" (cut to your preference) is our motto in the meat department. We will cut or slice your meat selection to your specifications (thick/thin, etc.) and even marinate your order with our own special blend of citrus and spices at no extra charge. All you have to do is throw it on the grill!

About Mercado Azteca

In the midst of a rainy day poured in August of the year 2000, the Marquez family declared to make change happen for themselves and the rest of their family. Eduardo, his father along with two sisters began their journey to the United Sates to achieve a dream, the American dream. In doing so they left behind their mother and 4 siblings (two sisters and two brothers) to care for their land in the outskirts of Rancho Rosales, municipio de Jesus Maria Jalisco, Mexico. There the family raised cattle, sugar cane, beans, tomatoes, wheat and later decided to grow agave (maguey), the ingredient used to make tequila. The family knew it was a hard decision to make agave since the plant takes 7 to 8 years to mature before you can harvest and sell the product. This however, didn't stop them as they all shared a passion for planting, harvesting and producing quality fruits, veggies, meats and cheese products to help support the family.

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